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Cornerstone Nashville: Throwback USA


An Independence Day Celebration

What you would see in three days over the June 26-28th weekend, actually takes a week to setup, rehearse and perform. Prior to the actual setup, it takes a few weeks worth of collaborating with with Mark Linger, the Technical Director and Elmer Cañas, Music/Creative Director of Cornerstone Nashville, to bring about this great weekend of celebration.
Cornerstone Instrumental We work together to design and provide an atmosphere in which the performers and audience are connected. It is more than just gear on a stage and it is more than just lights, its an experience we strive to bring. In addition to lighting, we were honored to also work alongside Patrick from Kosmic Laser Show in his new updated laser and fireworks extravaganza that finished out the show.


Cornerstone Song


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Life Church Hendersonville – Easter (2 of 2)

Life Church had a successful Easter weekend! Brian Witham, worship pastor, had this to say:

It was amazing. About 2000 people, and 25 decisions to follow Christ. I love what you guys do. I love what you’re about, and I love how you all think. I’m constantly inspired by you guys. – Brian Witham

Song 3 in worship set

Life Church Hendersonville – Easter (1 of 2)

Design with a passion

We just finished our install of a 16′ cross that has fluorescent and LED tubes in zones. We also added LED bars on the Wood wall to accent the warm wood feel. This is the first of a series of posts that will highlight the design as it grows from this initial install to the finished project that will culminate during the Easter Weekend. The goal of this show is very organic and acoustic based. Designed around the incandescent lamp with accents of fluorescent and LED cool whites.


Enjoy the photo! More to come as we near Easter weekend!

LifeChurch Easter

16′ cross and LED bars installed for Easter sermon series.